Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoying Wimberley's Gem

We took the kids to the Blue Hole in Wimberley again. When everyone was out here for the reunion I bought 10 punch passes to get in at a cheaper rate and we have some left. Supposedly Tropical Storm Don was supposed to come our way and give us 30% chance of rain, unfortunately no rain. So it was a good 98 degrees out. Luckily Blue Hole is really shaded by all the beautiful trees there. Was lucky to capture this good shot of James, he's getting good on this tree rope swing.

I forgot Madeline's goggles (she hates getting her nose and eyes wet) but she still took a turn on the rope swing.

And she enjoyed it - wet face and all!

On the last day of our reunion when we went tubing with Bryce and Brenda's family our kids raft popped with a pretty big hole. We have had it for a couple years so it got a lot of use. To our surprise when we returned home from our Iowa roadtrip we had a package on our front door. Bryce had sent the kids a new raft, and this one came with oars. So sweet of him. The kids were eager to try it out today at the Blue Hole.

It was a nice afternoon relaxing in Wimberley.

Stephen has always wanted to stop along side the road on our drive to and from Wimberley. It's only 25 minutes from our home but out in the beautiful hill country. That is someone's ranch behind them.

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVED doing active things like this with my family when I was growing up. I think back on some of my favorite memories and it's days like THESE that stick out!! They look like they had fun!