Thursday, July 28, 2011

Computer Time

Update: Madeline's dental appointment is scheduled for the 9th. Okay so earlier this week I received an email from Mia, Madeline's friend. Her parents had set up an email account for her. She asked if Madeline could email back and fourth with her. I hadn't really thought to set up an email for Madeline, but it's a good way for her to practice her typing and write friends and family. I loved writing pen pals when I was a kid, but I did it the old fashion way. :) So Bill (Mia's dad) gave me a tip to set up a personal login for Madeline. This way I can set parental control, make sure she can't download anything and I can get a report of anything she does online. I gave Madeline a Hannah Montana desktop background and then some shortcut icons to take her straight to her email or to the interactive games I allow her and James to play.

She's been having fun checking her email each day.

I let the kids play games on PBS kids, McWorld, Barbie and Truck Town. Almost all the games on there seem to have some sort of learning objective attached. The kids enjoy it, and I'm glad they are using their brains. :)

So school starts for Madeline in 3 weeks. To be honest, I'm ready for summer to be done and Fall to arrive. It's been a really hot summer, I think we've had the worst drought in over 100 years. I know many other parts of the country are experiencing the same or some sort of weird weather. I captured this shot of Penny after she came inside from the 100 degree heat. She laid down on the nice, cool kitchen floor. 

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Chad and Crystal said...

What a great idea. If I get the girls set up I will let you guys know she can have another "pen pal" :)