Thursday, March 24, 2011

Science Fair

Tonight Madeline's school had a Science Fair. I took the kids and we checked out the activities sponsored by each grade level. The kids really enjoyed it!
How cool! I wanted a turn. :)
We saw Madeline's teacher from Kindergarten. She couldn't believe how tall Madeline was getting and she said she has a student named Madison this year and she always calls her Madeline. She was helping the kids make their thumb prints and look with magnifying glasses to see which type of print they had. There are 4 different types.
Mrs. Moore was hoping she'd have James in her kindergarten class this Fall. I told her he misses the cut off by 29 days, so he won't start until next Fall 2012. I do hope that he gets her for his teacher though. The kids also planted sunflower seed in cups, and made zoom flyers (like paper airplanes) out of straws and paper circle strips. It was a fun evening!

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