Sunday, March 27, 2011

Longhorns Game

 On Facebook earlier this week the Longhorns posted a ticket deal "movie in the park" bundle package for only $7 per ticket which gets you a seat to the Longhorns softball game, a free hotdog and drink, and a movie "Mega Minds" on the big screen in the outfield after the game. Stephen chuckled at first saying he doesn't think he's ever watched a full softball game before (remember Stephen's bias about men athletes vs. women athletes?)... but he was still open to going. And I'm glad we did. It was just like a baseball game. There were a group of college guys sitting by us yelling all these chants and cheers. It was pretty funny. And also the womens softball team would yell cheers from the dug out for their teammates - something the mens team doesn't do!
It was pretty neat to sit on the outfield after the game. I think it was the softest most manicured lawn I've ever been on! The grass was so soft!
I like how you can see Madeline's missing teeth in this close up. She was really enjoying all the cheering and music they played at the game.
 James loved all the clapping!
I like this shot. Madeline is such a Daddy's Girl. Oh and you can see those group of guys right above Stephen's head. They must have been up dancing to some music at the time.
Instead of watching the movie James spent most of the time running and rolling around in the grass on the outfield. It was a fun inexpensive family outing! We'll definitely have to do it again. Oh and the game ended in the 5th inning due to the mercy rule, our Longhorns women won 12-0! Hook 'em!

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Kelly Jung said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I am looking forward to our kids being a little older and getting to do stuff like that with them.