Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof this afternoon. No, I promise this is not a complication from my recovery from is the result of being stressed, worried, frustrated, mad and livid. I watched a monitor like this one pictured here the 2 days I was in the hospital, my heart rate was pretty rapid. And due to the emotions I had today I can imagine it was similar.

There are 2 new positions open at Stephen's work. He really deserves a promotion to get one of them. But there's a lot going on at his work, which includes his work schedule on hiatus, which leaves me worried and stressed about James (Stephen watches him in the mornings while I work 4 hours each day - but now he needs to be at work some mornings). Thankfully, God bless our friend Kate across the street who has offered to help with watching James when we need her to. So we wait, wait to hear what Stephen's boss' decision is to fill the positions. I have anxiety about it.

Next, it wasn't until this weekend that I finally felt able to breath well enough to haul our loads of laundry up and down our stairs. (One thing I wish was different about our beautiful home, that our laundry room was upstairs by all of our bedrooms instead of downstairs - a laundry shoot would be nice). So I brought down about 10 loads of laundry, sorted them according to whites/colors, clothes/towels...only to have our dryer door break. There is a metal clip that snaps the door shut, and it's broken. We call first thing Monday morning and luckily it is still under the 2 year warranty. The soonest appointment available is Wednesday, today. Stephen switched his work schedule around so he would be home for the repair tech between 8am-12noon. The tech literally calls at 11:59am and says he will be here in a little while. Problem is Stephen needed to leave at noon to bring James to my work because he had to work at 1pm. And James and I would get home at 1pm. He tells the tech to come at 1pm, the tech was a little hesitant but Stephen pointed out he was supposed to be here between 8-12. So the tech agrees to be here at 1pm.

James and I get home and wait, and wait, and wait. At 2:45pm I call the company. They tell me it turns out the tech can't come out this afternoon and rescheduled us for the next available appointment...a WEEK from today. I was livid! These mounds of laundry have already been sitting on my dining room floor for 3 days. James has no clean underwear. And Stephen has worn his uniform for 2 days straight without being washed. I don't even know if there is a laundry mat near by. But that's beside the point. They screwed up today and they want us to wait a WEEK. Argh! I ask to speak to a lead supervisor, because the supervisor I was speaking to said I would need to wait 2 days for their alert team to get me an earlier appointment. Unacceptable. Then I get told the lead supervisor is too busy to take my call and will return my call within 24-48 hours. Livid. So I hang up and I call KB Home Whirlpool number and request that they fix all this. The guy on the phone put me on hold for awhile, but he was able to schedule a tech to come out tomorrow afternoon. Better.

Lastly, our medical insurance emailed us a notification that a new claim had been submitted. Of course I knew this was about my hospital stay. Get ready for 2 days there, testing, meds, x-rays, scans cost a whooping $15,571.25! We have a deductible and our medical plan covers most of it, but we're still going to have a hefty patient responsibility for the billing. I felt better after one of my Babycenter friends left a comment on my Facebook:
"At least you went to Seton and they are great if you need to set up payment plans. They have worked with me and even reduced my payments. Hospitals run by the Catholic Church are awesome!"

I've calmed down. Prayed - "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28. Relaxed. Ate some nachos and watched several episodes of my favorite show on Netflix.

So please, all my friends out in blogging land - leave me a comment with something positive that is happening for you. Something that made you happy today. I'd love to hear.


Shawndra said...

Oh man, Melissa!! You guys are all in my thoughts...I hope Stephen gets the job and your dryer guy comes through for you, tomorrow. We went 3 days without a washer in November and it was awful!!

Some positive things in my life...all of my kiddos are healthy..Kasey is getting so big..sticking her tongue out at us and starting to coo...Kaden is doing great in school..Kaleb is helping me around the house. Rhone is working and I am in school..wrapping up my AS degree and moving onto my BS program soon. Spring is coming!!

Heather C. said...

A positive thing in my having you as a lifetime friend!!!

Justine and Fernando said...

Oh my gosh! That bill! Don't worry, things will get better. Life here is normal. Life is good. We're all healthy, so that's good news.