Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was in such a negative mood yesterday with my blog post. I thought I'd post about positive stuff today. So Stephen and I are switching over to Verizon for our cell and home phone service. Stephen's contract was up with Sprint. And my contract with T-mobile is up the beginning of May. Hertz has a corporate account with Verizon, and from what Stephen remembers working in the business and his research - Verizon is one of the best carriers. Both of us have only used our phones for talking and texting, and occasionally Stephen would go online with his to check scores on ESPN. So Stephen ended up getting an Android Incredible with a data plan. His new phone is pretty amazing. If you haven't noticed Stephen now checks and posts on his Facebook from his phone now. I didn't want a phone with a data plan, I'm already on the computer too much so I just wanted something to talk and text from. They gave me the KIN Two for's the closest non-data phone to touch screen data phones like the iPhone of Androids. We're both getting used to these touch screens but they're pretty fun. We've both got pretty good cameras on our phones and music players. I was able to download all of our iPod music to my phone. My phone also came with free headphones. So I decided to use this as motivation. Every morning after Madeline's bus picks her up, I have a 45 minute window to exercise. So I decided to dedicate this time to walking/running Penny 2 miles while listening to music on my new phone. We did it for 45 minutes this morning and I listened to Black Eyed Peas, Sugarland and Kenny Chesney. It was a good workout. And I already feel more energized and positive today.

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Elizabeth said...

FREE?!?! Wow, that's a nice phone for one of the free ones!