Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes they can be so sweet

I was working on my 365 blog when I over heard Madeline ask James, "brother, do you want sissy to read you a book?". She took out one of her Reading Homework Books from school and started reading to him.
So I started snapping some photos of them. I should have videoed it too, it was so sweet.
Madeline was reading a science book about animals, and James was doing a good job listening to the story and acting out the animals.
And after the story was finished they made these cheesy poses for me, I love them!
I especially like this photo where you can see their baby photos on the wall behind them, our babies have grown so much! And they were so sweet at this moment. 20 minutes later though, they were in the bathroom brushing their teeth and back to pestering one another. :)

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