Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Our phone rang at 5:30am this morning, it was the school district calling to notify us that all the schools would be closed today due to bad weather. Stephen looked out our bedroom window, there was a dusting of snow covering our backyard. Yes, here in central Texas we've been victims to the below freezing temps this week from the Midwest ice storm that blew down - and now snow. About a half an inch. Those of you in the Midwest and east coast are probably thinking, "that's not snow!". But the thing is the 4 winters we've experienced here in Texas, we've probably had 3 snow days total (including today!). Our city isn't equipped with snow plow trucks, etc. So when we get this sort of weather, everything shuts down! If you can't tell from the photo above, Madeline was thrilled to stay home today! Thanks to my neighbor friend, Kate, for taking the photo out in our culdesac. Lets be honest, I'm still in my pj's typing this blog post on this snow day afternoon. I didn't step further than a few feet out our front and back door to take some photos and watch the kids play.

If you can't tell by the expression of James' face, he's not too thrilled about the coldness that snow brings. I think he lasted about a minute the first time he went outside this morning. He enjoyed it a little more the second time he went out.

Kids picking up sheets of ice on top our trampoline.

Madeline has a little more experience with snow play than James being that she spent a couple winters in Oregon.

The snow that blankets our walkway to our front door.

Madeline playing in our culdesac with Aaron from across the street.

Madeline with little miss Cheyenne from next door. Thanks Kristen for taking this cute photo! I love that Chey is wearing her pink cowgirl boots.

Kristen took this photo, that is their home in the middle, and ours is on the right. I think most of the snow on the rooftops has melted off now.

This is the view from our upstairs bedroom window of the country farmhouse road behind our home. So that's it! That's probably all the snow we'll get this winter (thank goodness - I don't like cold weather). Temps go back up this weekend with a high of 58 tomorrow and 66 on Sunday, yay! I can deal with 60+ degree winter weather. Well, hope y'all have a wonderful Superbowl weekend! Go Steelers!


Mickie and Matt said...

Hahahahaha I can't stop laughing. Too cold? Hahaha What i feel bad about is checking the weather in Rexburg where Jordan and my brothers are and seeing -34. Now THAT is cold! I don't mind the snow every once in a while... Looks like Madeline had fun playing at least!

Kristin said...

And I was laughing at the snow jackets, hats, and gloves. When there was only a layer of snow.

How fun that she was able to go play in it, even if it was to cold :)