Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting & Stopping

Madeline starting & stopping on her bike from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

This video is for the grandparents. :) So last Fall Madeline learned to ride her bike without training wheels. But she wasn't very confident in riding it unless it was at the park on the flat basketball court. After she learned she tried to ride in our culdesac but crashed at the end because she didn't use her brakes and her bike went faster because of the incline. Since then she's refused to ride in our culdesac. Well recently James' buddy Aaron across the street learned to ride his bike without training wheels and he zooms all over our culdesac. So we told Madeline "See if Aaron can do it so can you!". So last week Stephen pushed Madeline off and stayed by her as she rode around. She became confident so Stephen told her it was time she learned out to start on her own too! Now she can start and stop on her bike, and she enjoys riding around our culdesac.

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