Monday, December 13, 2010

Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

So my parents and Tante (my dad's sister) arrived on Friday night. They are visiting for a week. So this weekend we had lots of fun plans. On Saturday after we ran a few errands we headed out to Manor, Texas to Crowe's Nest Farm for their Christmas activities. Here is James saying hello to a donkey or a mule? (I can't tell the difference).
Madeline checking out the miniature horses.
My Dad with one of the donkeys or mules, they came right up to the fence as soon as we walked up.
Waiting for the hayride to start, we saw some American Bison and some Ostrich.
My parents :)
After the hayride the driver fed the Longhorns, I've never seen one this up close. They've got big horns!
Hook 'em!
Madeline sitting on a baby cow, and James checking to see if this one produces any milk.
James got a kick out of some of these goats willing to eat the leaves he was feeding them.
On Sunday we celebrated Madeline's 7th Birthday. I can't believe she's almost 7! She invited some neighbor friends and school friends. We went to a local jump house called The Jumpy Place. The kids had a blast! Oh and James is missing from this group pic because he was crying and didn't want to leave.
Everyone make a funny face! :)
Madeline with her cheerleading buddy Ashleigh and her BFF Mia.
Madeline with her Tobias schoolmates Ashleigh and Olivia.
After The Jumpy Place we all headed back to our home for some cake and ice cream. Madeline's hair is a mess from all that jumping! But she was excited to have her Hannah Montana cake!
Our baby girl.
She's excited about all her fun presents she received.
After cake and ice cream the kids were ready to jump AGAIN! So they jumped on our trampoline even though it was in the 50's outside!
It was a fun party, Madeline had a great time with her friends. After all the kids went home we got ready to have some family friends, the Flinkerbusch's, over for dinner. They were in town for their son's 50th birthday which we went to on Saturday night (I didn't take any photos). So for dinner I tried this AllRecipes Daily Dish Baked Spaghetti. It turned out super yummy and it was easy to make. Served it with some garlic bread and salad. After dinner we just relaxed and talked.
While we were relaxing my neighbor called to let us know the city of Kyle fire department was right around the corner with Santa. So we all ran outside hearing the loud sirens and seeing all the flashing lights. First stop was right in front of our street on our house corner.
They had elves on the fire trucks passing out candy canes to all the kids. It's so neat that they do this. Oh and these are the photos my neighbor Kristen took (since the ones from my mom's camera came out blurry). All in all it was a Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend!


Kristin said...

What a fun weekend! Jumping is always a great thing to do for a party!

Kelly Jung said...

Wow - looks like you had a packed yet fun weekend. Happy early birthday to Madeline!

Armilyn, David and Alex said...

Please give Maddy a BIG hug and kisses for us. We just loved the picutres!Glad you are all having a great time. Miss you! Armilyn, David and Alex

Mickie and Matt said...

Wow! Packed is right! Glad your parents and aunt could make it out for the party too. Jumpy houses are ALWAYS a good idea although I got a good laugh when you said that you couldn't believe the kids wanted to jump outside while the temps were in the 50's... HA on the way to work this morning the radio weather man said it would be a high of 55 and Matt said WOW what a nice day it should be hahaha.

Cool fire department Santa too!