Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Week's Visit

Stephen said I've been neglecting our blog and not posting often. I guess I used to post more often, I've just been so busy lately. So I will try to do better. This is an extra long post with extra syrup (aka photos, Mickie calls it syrup on her blog) of what we did this week with my parents and Tante visiting. We had a wonderful time with them! It flew by fast!
Here is Madeline with Tante Freidl, my Dad's sister so Madeline's great-aunt. We're so glad she came along too. She brought gifts for the kids including this cute fleece vest Madeline is wearing.
On Monday Dad and Stephen headed over to Home Depot to get building supplies and tools to make a side fence/gate for in our side backyard. Stephen is tired of Penny digging holes in our lawn, she usually does it when we put her outside to go run errands. We have St. Augustine grass so it takes awhile to grow back or you have to replace it with new sod (no seeds are available). So the solution, to give Penny the sideyard to be in while we're out. We never use this area of the yard. We plan on putting a dog house back there, and maybe build a small sand box so Penny can dig in that.
Dad doing the work and Stephen making the faces.
Okay Stephen did do some work and help build it. :)
Penny, not so happy about the idea. But she's still got room to run and play while we are out.
Ta-da! It's done in one afternoon! Great job guys. Now all Stephen needs to do is stain it to match our other fencing.
On Monday early evening Mom came to help me with my CCD religious ed class at church. Madeline had her class and Christmas party and so did mine, except the Catechist I aide for wasn't able to make it to class! Yikes! Glad my mom was in town to help. We had hot dogs, chips, candy and ice cream for the kids while they watched a movie about the real Saint Nicholas of Myra (whom Santa Claus is based from). And what do you know, Saint Nicholas came to visit our classroom and brought bags filled with apples and goodies for the kids! Afterwards we made ornaments of the Holy Family. The class did great! Thanks mom for your help! I introduced mom to the class as "Mrs. Nix" and told them to raise their hands and ask her for help if they needed any. One boy responded, "Nix, so was that your last name before you got married Mrs. Spence?". Smart cookie.
On Wednesday we headed to the mall to exchange some clothes my parents bought Madeline for her birthday, they were too small! Madeline is actually pretty tall for her age, she's one of the tallest in her class. So here are Opa and Madeline at the mall. Madeline also made a Build-A-Bear with the birthday money she received from the Flinkerbusch's. And Tante Freidl bought her bear some accessories.

On Thursday, a week before Madeline's 7th birthday, my mom, James and I brought homemade cupcakes for Madeline's 1st grade class. Being so close to Christmas I make sure to always do separate birthday celebrations from Christmas celebrations for her.
Here we are passing out cupcakes. The class did a great job singing Happy Birthday!
Here's the birthday girl! Her teacher made her this hat, necklace and sign. She wore the hat all day and Madeline was so surprised everyone was wishing her a Happy Birthday, even other teachers and students in the halls and the lunch ladies in the cafeteria.
Here is another picture of her class and her teacher Mrs. Billo. Her teacher said she completely understands because her birthday is on the 24th.
James checking out the books in his sissy's classroom while the other 1st grade boys see what he's doing.
My mom took this photo of James. He can still go faster on his big wheel than his big boy bike. And he was waiting for Opa to fix his jeep. Doesn't matter if it's cold out, James is always ready to ride!
My mom took this photo of Madeline getting off the bus on Friday, the last day of school before winter break. She gave Christmas gifts that morning to her bus driver, her teacher and student teacher. And when she got home she said her bus driver gave her a Target gift card. On it he wrote that she was such a special bus rider and little girl. Last year Madeline received the best bus rider certificate and restaurant coupon. Ah if only her "best behavior" could extend to the afternoon and evenings when at home. ;)
James' jeep has been out of commission for a few months. Wasn't sure if it was the battery. So Opa tested the battery and found and fixed a loose wire. It's working again!
So that wraps up our whole week! We had a great time and were so thankful they came for a visit. Thank you Mom, Dad and Tante Freidl! They're at the airport right now heading home. Praying for a safe flight.

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Very cool updates. Tell Penny her area is much bigger than Mollys crate :0)