Saturday, November 13, 2010

It was a good Saturday

Today was Madeline's cheerleading banquet. The season has come to an end. She was super excited to be receiving her first ever trophy!
There was a special guest at the banquet, our town mayor! Lucy Johnson was there to shake hands with all of the players and cheerleaders. She is the first person Madeline shakes hands with.
Here are Ashleigh and Madeline with their trophies.

Madeline was so happy to have a trophy just like her Daddy has (the kids and Stephen went through his box of childhood trophies). When we came home Madeline asked for some baby wipes so she could clean and make her trophy shiny. :) She said she would like to do cheerleading again next year.

Today we also got part of our new couch set! Part of our set was the showroom floor sample because they had discontinued the Chocolate brown color (we were able to get $500 off total and an extra ottoman). So our awesome neighbor went with Stephen to pick up these pieces. We love how they look in our family room! Our over sized chair that goes with our other ottoman (and will be replacing Stephen's beloved "man chair") will be delivered on Tuesday.

Lastly this isn't a pic from today but from Wednesday when Madeline had her cheer buddy Ashleigh over for a playdate after school. Here the girls are eating their mac'n'cheese dinner with apples. They had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline and playing with Penny Lane. James had his buddy Aaron over, but the boys didn't want to pose for a pic.


Andria said...

Very cute pics and what a fun Saturday! Love the pic of Madeline and her friend, she is looking so mature. And your new living room set...gorgeous! I really like how the brown goes so well with your wall colors, great choices!

steve said...

Love the new living room set. Madeline is a little doll. It was great having you over last night. Love y'all. Uncle Steve