Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last Friday Madeline's 1st grade class went on an educational and glass bottom boat tour of the Aquarena nature center and preserved habitat. It is located in San Marcos, only about 5-10 minutes south of us. When we first moved here we walked around there with the kids but we never did the tour. Madeline had so much fun and was excited about seeing so much stuff including lots of turtles! I wasn't able to get off of work and volunteer for this field trip. Madeline was a little worried who she would sit with on the bus and who would take pictures then. Well she sat with her teacher on the bus, and her teacher kindly emailed me all these photos. She got some great shots!

Here is her class. Madeline is front and center wearing black stretch pants. Hook 'em students. :) Their backdrop is so pretty - maybe I'll take the kids here to do our Christmas photos.

Here they are in the glass bottom boat. They saw lots of turtles and fish.

Here they are walking on the Wetlands Boardwalk with their student teacher assistant from Texas State.

I guess Madeline is one of the taller kids in her class. They had a great time exploring around the Aquarena.

And here is the class doing a silly pose. I'm so glad thus far Madeline has had such a great experience with our school and her teachers. She loves to learn!

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Mickie and Matt said...

Sweet field trip! I love doing stuff like that with kids. They get so excited!

That is a cool back drop, if you go quickly you can still get all those beautiful fall colors in there too. Oh wait it doesn't snow where you are, HAHA nevermind. :)