Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kyle Texas Parade

It was a beautiful Fall day to kick off our town's city parade. And Madeline was participating, her cheer squad was marching in the parade and throwing candy.

Here's Madeline's squad! She's right below the white arrow. She did awesome. The girls had to march pretty far, but they made it all the way to the end waving their pom poms and yelling their cheers.
Go Invaders!

Our town has 2 high schools and their bands and cheer squads participated too. I loved these girls uniforms with their white cowboy boots.

This squad did many daring stunts and flips, they were great!

James liked seeing all the police, fire and medical cars in the parade. They made sure to have their lights flashing and sirens on. Here's an old Kyle cop car.

And here's the new Kyle cop cars.

We waved to the firemen!

We saw lots of animals too,
like these horses drawing a carriage wagon...

...and these cows, pigs and rabbits. :) It was a fun parade. Afterwards the director of our football league treated all the cheerleaders to a sundae at Dairy Queen.


Anonymous said...

What memories you are making for Madeline...what a wonderful day.

Also I do like the changes to your site.

All the best -

Heather and Michael.

Anonymous said...

Super cute. She is adorable.
and Love the new look of your blog!