Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love October

I love October. The start of Autumn is just such a wonderful time of year. For us Fall has been great when we lived in California, Oregon and here in Texas. Unfortunately earlier this month we missed an October wedding. My brother Tason's best friend Drew got married to his long time girlfriend Melinda. Drew is a really cool dude. He's got an infectious smile and he's always greeting everyone with a bear hug. Stephen and I really wished we could make it out to their Southern California beach wedding but it just didn't work out that we could travel at this time. Luckily my parents attended the wedding and my mom took a ton of pics and videos.

Tason was Drew's best man. Oh and if you look at the above picture, yes the guys all wore flip flops with their suits. It sounded like it was a lovely Fall wedding. And the newlyweds are even back from their Hawaiian honeymoon. We were able to help them out with a Hertz rental discount. :)

I've also been enjoying all the Fall and Pumpkin photos my family and friends have been sharing of their babies and kiddos on their blogs and Facebook. Made me want to look back at some eGo photos of Madeline and James on past Octobers. Hopefully we'll have some time to visit a patch before Halloween this year! At least Stephen got my fake pumpkins down from the attic. They are displayed and glowing in our upstairs windows facing the street. When James saw them yesterday he stomped his foot and sounding upset he said,
"I don't want pumpkins, I want it to be Christmas!"

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