Sunday, October 31, 2010


We've had a busy couple of days. Madeline was invited to two classmates costume birthday parties this weekend. James was able to go along to yesterdays. It was at one of those jumpy house places.

The kids had fun dressing up and had a blast at the party. Madeline dressed as a good witch and James wore his old astronaut costume (you can tell because the pants are too short) because his dragon one wouldn't work very well to jump in.

On Thursday evening Madeline's school had a circus theme festival. They have a themed festival every October, and it's free for all the students families to come.

In the library and computer room they had a very funny clown putting on a show. And they also had an art station set up where the kids could make paper animal face masks.

In the gym the Texas State University gymnast came to perform as the circus tumbler act. They were very impressive and the kids said a lot of "WOWs!"

Fun entertainment!

They also had an area in the gym were the kids could walk the tight rope (a long wood plank) and practice balancing in these funny shoes. We had a very fun time!

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