Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We "heart" Football!

While Stephen's parents and brothers were out visiting, we had a fun filled "Football" weekend! Madeline had her first home pee wee football game to cheer at. It's nice cause it's about a mile down the road from our house at a local middle school football field. Madeline was super excited her Nana, Poppi and Uncles were there to watch her. She did great!

Nana and Poppi even made sure to bring red shirts to support our Kyle Invaders!

Madeline after the game with her Uncle Mike, Uncle Bryce, Daddy and James. She got a well deserved snow cone...it was a hot game!

After Madeline's game, the guys headed to downtown Austin to catch the Longhorns first home game. Stephen's buddy Albert has a brother who coaches for Wyoming, so he was able to get Stephen some free tickets to the game. Over 100,000 fans came to watch this game! Here is Dad (red shirt) and Bryce (blue shirt) walking to the stadium.

Bryce and Stephen sat together.

And Mike and Dad sat together.

Bryce and Stephen were sitting right by the canon shooters. Bryce got startled every time!

They sat on the visitors side where the sun was setting and shining. They said it got pretty hot and sweaty at the game. But they still had a good time. And the Longhorns won! At least the Longhorns and Invaders won this weekend, can't say so much for the Vikes.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Never a dull moment on those Fall weekends with so much football going on! Looks like it was an awesome family filled weekend.