Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pillow Pets

For James' birthday Nana and Poppi bought him a bumble bee pillow pet that he's been wanting for months! They spent one morning going to a few stores to track one down. Luckily they got the last one at one store. Madeline and James have been wanting a pillow pet for months now. It made me think back on my childhood on some specific fad toys that I really wanted, a Cabbage Patch doll being one. I can't think of any others right now, can you? Anyhow, I just kept telling them maybe for their birthdays or Christmas. So when Nana and Poppi came and told James to pick something out for his birthday - he was sure to pick out a pillow pet!

Of course Madeline was a little bit jealous that James got his pillow pet already, it wasn't hard to twist Nana's finger to get her pillow pet too (her early birthday gift, mind you her birthday is not until December). I have to admit they are quite soft and cuddly. The kids have been sleeping with them. Yesterday they even had a tea party with them, but I forgot to take a pic.

I did capture this sweet pic of James taking an afternoon nap with his pillow pet, too sweet. Thanks Nana and Poppi!

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Kristin said...

He sure does look comfy! The only thing I remember really wanting as a kid was a camera. I didn't get it for a whole year. I think my mom was smart. How was an 8 year old going to pay for film and get the pictures developed (Man I love the digital age). Smart women...