Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summertime = Eating & Swimming

We traveled a lot this summer, but while we were home it seems all we pretty much did was eat yummy food and swim! While my parents and Tante were in town a few weeks ago we drove up to North Austin and went to the famous Round Rock Donuts! This bakery was featured on the show "Man vs. Food" and boy is it popular! When we arrived I think there was approx. 15 cars in line for their drive thru and when we went in to get our donuts the line was to the door!

They were super yummy donuts! They serve them warm and sticky and they melt in your mouth. We'll definitely have to come here again. Just for now, I need to go on a diet.

Since we moved in late summer last year - we didn't get to use the neighborhood pool all that much. But I think we've made up for it this summer. The kids just love to go and play in the water. And this summer Madeline almost always sees a former classmate at the pool so it's fun for her to play with her friends.

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