Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Big Boy

Well we have gone through a successful week of James wearing "big boy undies"! This is a big feat because over the past year with a couple month breaks in between we've been trying to potty train him. Boys are much more difficult than girls in my opinion. Madeline was potty trained in a few days just before her 3rd birthday. James turns 4 next month so I knew we needed to really get down and get this done. With Madeline being back at school this week that left the mornings and afternoons to fully focus on working with James. Days 1 and 2 we had some accidents but the rest of the week he's done great! Here he is pictured with his best bud Aaron, neighbor from across the street.

Madeline had a great first week of school. She likes her new teacher and worked hard at earning stickers and moving up the behavior/learning chart her teacher has for the students. She's moved up 2 color levels higher than any of her classmates and she has one more row of stickers than her classmates too. Stephen immediately thought, "teacher's pet"...but I thought, "excellent student"! We're so proud of James and Madeline this week!

Oh and I just had to stick in this photo of Penny that Madeline took this week. I love that face, she's such a good pup!

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stormy poss said...

So proud of you both James and Madeline!!!

Love you Aunt Stormy & Uncle Kevin