Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Something Old Made New

Well here is one of the reasons we drove home to Texas from California instead of flying. Years ago I remember talking to Mom (Spence) about all the fantastic heirloom pieces in her home. I always enjoy hearing and learning the history behind these pieces or whose home they once were in a long time ago. As we got to talking about this old sewing table they had I mentioned to her how my Oma (my Mom's mother) had one similar to theirs and I was fond of it but after my Oma passed away it went to my Tante's family. To my surprise later on Mom told me she wanted to hand down their sewing table to us! So sweet and thoughtful. I wasn't expecting this family heirloom so soon, but after Mom and Dad moved last summer they told us we could have it now. So we've been waiting until we made a trip out to California so we could drive it back home. I've been brainstorming on where in our home we would put this piece. As most of you know I have taken on Sewing as a hobby, and I'd love to one day have a sewing/craft room to put this table in. But until that day comes I thought of using the table and converting it into a school desk for Madeline!

I can already tell from Madeline's first year of school, she is going to be an excellent student! She needed a private/quiet place of her own to study, learn, draw and be creative.

So I went out and bought an acrylic glass-like sheet to cover and protect the table top. Madeline's kindergarten teacher saved her desk sign names from school this year, so we put them under the acrylic.

Can you tell Jimmy-James is a little sad he didn't get a desk too? We promised him once he starts school, he'll get a school desk too.

The only things we needed to make this an official school desk was a chair and desk lamp. I got both at Target, the chair was $9.99 and the lamp/organizer was only $12.99. Madeline was super excited to get her desk all organized!

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