Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another wedding!

Yesterday we went on another road trip, we drove to Houston for one of my childhood friend's wedding! Oh gosh I think Erica and I have known each other since we were 4, we grew up in the same neighborhood but then eventually her and her parents moved to Texas. We've stayed in touch all these years. And when I got married, her and her mom made it out to California for our special day. So it's only fitting that I make the 3 hour drive out to hers! I am so excited she has found Mr. Right! It was a lovely evening - and Stephen and I enjoyed our kid-free night out!

Here is the happy couple, Erica and Kevin.

Erica and Kevin looked so radiant and in love! They are expecting a baby boy this September! Definitely an exciting year for them!

Erica's father made a speech and he mentioned me! :) He was talking about his daughter whom from an early age was a go-getter and destined to make a successful life for herself. He said when they moved to California (in the same neighborhood as my family) Erica wanted some friends to play with, so he suggested "why don't you go knock on some doors then...". Well needless to say Lee told all the guests Erica knocked on mine and we became very close friends, lifetime friends and that I was there yesterday evening. So very cool!
Here is Erica, myself and my brother Tason. Life was so fun and easy back then, just sitting on the curb and eating some ice cream.

Stephen and I really enjoying the evening out at Erica's wedding, can't you tell? I wish her and Kevin the very best! So excited to see their family grow and the plans God has made for them. To see all the photos I took at the wedding, click here.

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