Thursday, May 13, 2010


So I've finally figured out how to conquer Madeline's fear of learning to swim without her lifevest. You see she fears getting water in her eyes and up her nose, and the lifejacket keeps her head above the water. I've gotten her swim goggles before, but they usually leak and water still goes up her nose. So I picked up a snorkel mask, I don't know why I didn't think of this before! So this evening she tested it out in the shallow kiddie pool. She's finally going underwater!!! Yay!

Under the water she goes... from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

Maybe finally she'll be swimming like a fish this summer!

Neighbor Kid wants to test out waterproof camera... from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

We saw one of our culdesac neighbor kids (left) at the pool with his friend (right), they were intrigued with my waterproof camera, so I shot a video of them to show them.

Pooltime Fun! from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

Kids are getting tan and summer hasn't even begun yet! We're so excited we have a community neighborhood pool!

Underwater Hook'em Horns! from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

Madeline showing her Texas Longhorn pride. :)

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Justine and Fernando said...

Awesome! The quality is great. Maddy looks like she's having a fun time. Eeks...looking into buying one now!!