Thursday, May 13, 2010


We had such a fun time celebrating our anniversary last night on our concert date. These are only a few pics, both Stephen and I had a camera so we took lots of pics and videos. We had great seats! We were on the floor section on the right side. We were in the last row aisle seats, but since our seats were angled towards the stage no one was sitting directly in front of us. We did have a mom and three 13 year olds next to us, boy these girls were up dancing the entire time! It was actually fun to watch.

Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood Austin TX concert 2010 from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

I love the words to this song. It makes me thankful to all those families that send off their sons, husbands and fathers to war. Carrie was sitting on a swing while she sang this one. Her stage was set up so beauitful!

She had quite a few wardrobe changes, but she always looked so cute. I love this newer song of hers. From many of Carrie's songs you know by her words she is a believer in God. This was one of those songs...

Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood Austin TX Concert 2010 from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

Check out the screen behind Carrie. The look of the home changed throughout the time she was singing. Very cool!

Carrie surprised the audience when she came out singing while standing in a pick up truck that hovered around the arena and above the audience! Was very cool. All the people up above were yelling and screaming because they got to see her up so close.

She sang, "Country Road" while on the truck. Here she is passing right above us! I had a short video clip but it didn't upload correctly. Will have to share in another blog post.

Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood Austin TX Concert 2010 from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

She sang all her popular songs including this one, her first single that she wrote herself. She sounded the same live as she does over the radio. In one of her songs she played the piano and a slideshow of her childhood photos displayed on the screen in the background...and the last pic was of her and her fiance. They make a really cute couple. Well once I upload some more videos and pics I'll be sure to share!


Anonymous said...

What a great night you two had. Happy Anniversary. Heather and Michael

Mickie and Matt said...

WOW WOW! Looks like she isn't entertainer of the year for nothin! She puts on QUITE the show! So cool! Sounds like you had a spectacular time with one another at her concert. So much fun. Happy Anniversary!

Andria said...

Looks like you had a great time. Happy Anniversary!

Chad and Crystal said...

That was awesome! I want to try that resturant out!

Kelly and Nate said...

That would have been such a cool concert. She does some cool things with the stage huh? I think since she started out on American Idol singing live from the start, she dos a good job. Some people sound horrible live. You know those ones must spend a lot of time in the recording studio. Glad you had such a great time.