Monday, May 24, 2010

New Home Stuff

We've been motivated lately to do stuff with our home. The past few weeks we've been working on the yard. Spreading compost and treating the grass with Ironmite to get it thicker and greener. It worked! I also planted more flowers in our flowerbeds. For our anniversary I got Stephen this flag, just in time for Memorial weekend and Independence Day in July!

Another motivator is last week I asked the owner at my work about getting discount on artwork in our surplus stockroom - he said to go ahead and pick out 5 pieces for our home...on him! It was super gracious of him, and I was super stoked about it!

The wall our bed is on has been quite bare, so I picked out this piece by the artist Sara Abbott titled, "Dusk I". I thought it went perfectly with our bedding and accent wall color.

I was also motivated to paint this weekend, 1. because we got some artwork for our kitchen nook area, and 2. because my brothers are coming to visit and I still hadn't finished painting the border stencils in Madeline's room. We had left the back wall in our kitchen nook white...but we decided to continue the "Green Tea" paint color from our family room walls onto this wall. We had several of our framed poster prints hung on this wall, but Stephen didn't like them there. So we decided to put this new artwork piece there...

It is by the artist Allyson Krowitz and titled, "Palm Avenue".

I picked out a few more pieces for both our guest bathroom and master bathroom. I'll share those in another blog post.

Oh and the summer bugs and critters are coming out and visiting our home...been seeing a lot of these lately (a caterpillar climbing the wall right by our front door)...I don't mind these fuzzy's the fuzzy tarantula looking spiders I mind.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Oh that peice over your bed is GORGEOUS Melissa! GOOD CHOICE!

I just watched the movie Summer Magic With Hayley Mills, in it Burl Ives sings a song "Ugly Bug Ball" about those little furry caterpillars.