Monday, May 17, 2010

Concert & Dogs

Okay this is my last encore post about our anniversary concert date. So Carrie had 2 opening acts, we missed the first one - a boy band called Sons of Sylvia. But we came just in time to catch Craig Morgan. He's got quite a few hit songs on Country radio, so I was looking forward to seeing him. We didn't even know his act was starting...when Stephen noticed this crazy guy walking over some floor seat chairs coming towards our way. Stephen said to me with a chuckle, "Look at this crazy dude!" not even realizing it was CRAIG MORGAN!!!! He came straight up to us and went to give Stephen a high five but Stephen dissed him! Ha ha. Then he snuck up behind the teeny bopper girls sitting next to us and said to them, "Are you ready to get started?"...they started squealing of course. It was pretty funny.

He then came down to the audience again towards the end of his performance and walked over to us again! (That's when I took these pics of him) And again Stephen dissed his high five! Ha ha. I guess Stephen was too cool for him. Anyway, Craig gave a great performance...he sang my favorite song of his...."That's What I Love About Sunday"...

I thought this was a great shot of Carrie...she looks great in anything.

And here's the mom with her three 13 year old teeny boppers sitting next to us. These girls were up on there feet like this the entire concert! The mom told me this wasn't as bad as when she chaperoned them to the Jonas Brothers concert, she said she brought ear plugs to that one.

Before the concert we ate downtown at Frank Hot Dogs Cold Beer. What a cool place! I know my bro David digs their website, we'll have to take them here to eat next week when they come for a visit.

Nothin's too good for my baby from Melissa Spence on Vimeo.

Video Stephen took in the car on the way to Frank's.

They had a lot of very cool drinks on their menu....I tried their delicious Ginger Cherry Limeade and Stephen had their PBR on draft.

Doesn't this pic just scream "heart attack!" ha ha...well once in a blue moon it's alright. Madeline asked about the middle item, Cheese Waffle Fries, after I told her what they were she made a slurping sound! Stephen tried the Jalapeno Cheese Dog and I tried their Chili Cheese Dog. All this food for $13.50, and we couldn't even finish it all. It's definitely one of our new favorite eateries! And it's kid friendly too. And I like that on their menu they offer veggie dogs and gluten free buns! We had a fabulous anniversary date! Can't wait to see what's in store for us this next year.

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Armilyn and David said...

Happy anniversary you guys. I'll take my hot dog plain.