Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Movie Review

The Hurt Locker
rated R
We gave this movie *** stars.
This was the winner of the Best Picture Oscar. After we watched the Oscars I was sure to put all the nominated movies into our DVD que on Netflix. Well this weekend we received The Hurt Locker. We were anxious to watch this drama following one of the U.S. Army's elite EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) teams operating in the ferocious war zone of Iraq. It definitely had many intense parts - couldn't imagine having that task. There were a couple of slow parts during the movie, and Stephen and I found the ending a bit dumb. But it's worth renting and seeing. The average rating on Netflix is **** stars, but we thought it to be more of an average movie. We wondered why it was named The Hurt Locker, so I Googled it: If someone inflicts pain on someone else, they are said to be "putting them in the Hurt Locker". It is a colloquialism, that means to cause someone physical or mental suffering. Another similar phrase is, "a world of hurt" meaning that someone is in (or is going to be in) a great deal of physical , mental, or emotional suffering. The title makes sense, I kept saying to Stephen - I don't understand why these terrorist make these bombs and then wait to watch a team try and dispose them, is it just a sick thrill?

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