Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Fun

Today we were able to meet Stephen's cousin, Catlynn Kovacs. He's in town for a few more weeks checking out with the army up at Fort Hood. He just returned in January from his 2nd tour in Iraq. So we visited and talked for a few hours at home and then drove Catlynn downtown around the capital building and University of Texas. Then we headed over and got some lunch at the Hula Hut.

Madeline really took to Catlynn and enjoyed horsing around and being silly with him.

It was a yummy lunch on Lady Bird Lake. We enjoyed getting to know Catlynn. We plan on getting together with him again next weekend when his wife Patricia comes to visit for the weekend. Going to go to the Austin Rodeo!
Also this weekend I started potty training with James...

What do ya think?.... Chip-pen-cutie...or

...Village lil People? :)

So I'm sorta of going with the same training I did with Madeline. Basically sticking James in underwear so he will feel the wetness, and having him go sit on the potty 1-2 times every hour. I also reminded him how "yucky" it is to go pee-pee and poopy in his big boy underwear. And to let me know when he needs to go potty. Well on Friday we went through 5 pairs of underwear, and on Saturday we went through 3 pairs. Today since we were out and about I put him in pull ups, which he did pee in because they feel the same as a diaper and the wetness does not bother him. So the plan is to go forward with undies during the days and pull ups at night time. Hopefully soon it'll click that he needs to tell me he needs to go potty and hold it until he makes it to the potty. Cause right now he's telling me right as he starts to go.

Penny enjoyed Catlynn's visit today as he played with her. This evening Penny got another treat...she loves getting her rawhide bones!


Kelly and Nate said...

Good luck with the potty training. We skipped the pull ups and went strait to undies. Worked for us. Tanner was great. Dallin actually pooped in the toilet yesterday. A fluke I am sure, but it was exciting. We want to try to potty train him earlier than we did Tanner, if we can.

Mickie and Matt said...

I asked Matt about Catlynn... haha He was like Oh yeah! Thats Ben and Maggies younger brother. It's so funny to find out about cousins that Matt hardly even remembers. That was nice of you to show him around!

So where was your Monday Movie Review? I missed your weekly thoughts on movies that I forget to rent... :)