Sunday, January 24, 2010

What we've been up to lately

Ready for a boat load of pictures? :)

I realized I haven't blogged or shared photos of our happenings the last few weeks. So last Monday Madeline had a visit with the pediatric dentist and had a crown put on one of her molars that had a cavity take over about 1/3 of the tooth. Since she won't loose this molar for another 5 years it's important that it gets fixed so the tooth won't decay anymore, but will stay in place to chew and save space for her adult tooth. Madeline thinks her "shiny tooth" is pretty cool...but we've been reminding her that these types of "crowns" are not ones she wants to have. Brushing and flossing, brushing and flossing, brushing and flossing.

Last night Madeline had her first sleepover, with Miss Mia of course. The girls had fun making necklaces using the bead kits she got for Christmas from Uncle Mark & Aunt Laura and Santa.

Here are some bead projects Madeline made last week for gifts.

After they got their pajamas on, they decided to play dress up. James joined in on the fun too!

We've been blessed living next to great neighbors (like the Wrights, Mia's family) and our new neighbor's the McCommas'. Yesterday the kids were invited next door for Cheyenne's first birthday! The kids were anxious all morning for the party to start as we could see from our family room window Cheyenne's birthday bounce house.

James had so much fun playing in it with Cheyenne's cousins.

There's the sweet blue-eyed birthday girl, Miss Cheyenne.

Madeline enjoying the bounce house too.

I always love seeing one year olds dig into their first birthday cake!

Cheyenne with her pretty mama Kristen checking out her new birthday quad - her dada has a cool life size one in their garage.

The weekend before was Miss Mia's 6th birthday.

Mia's grandma a.k.a G-mommy came to visit from the Seattle area. She also celebrated a birthday.

The Wright and the Spence kids.

Jimmena lighting the 6 candles and 1 to grow on.

The kids deciding which piece of the cake they want.

Lastly here is a video clip of Madeline reading. After school resumed from Christmas break, the kindergartners have been working hard on trying to learn to read words. They have to be able to read so many select words by the end of the school year in order to move onto 1st grade.

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