Monday, January 25, 2010

"Bummed" is an understatement

My brother Tason text messaged me this morning, "So are you guys super bummed about the Vikings?". Um I think that's an understatement.

“This was a real tough one. I felt they didn’t win the game, but rather we lost it. You can’t turn the ball over like that and expect to win.” - RB Adrian Peterson

(on turnovers) “We’ve had no three turnover games this year. So to have five against a good football team, it’s very difficult to overcome. I thought our guys did a great job in this environment here. I don’t think there was a false start penalty. I don’t think there was a procedural penalty. I thought we took care of this setting here extremely well.” - Coach Brad Childress

“You know, even with all of those turnovers and fumbles we still had a real good chance to win. We beat ourselves on offense. Everybody’s feeling bad right now and it will hurt even more tomorrow. We feel like it just slipped through our hands.” - RB Chester Taylor

(did you think the hits tonight were dirty?) “I guess every time I get hit I think it’s dirty. Peter (King) was telling me in the locker room that the one I got hurt on was a high-low and that was the reason for the Brady Rule. Pete Morelli, the head ref, has called a lot of my games. He’s a great guy. It is like playing the game, you make decisions and you live by them and I think had he truly saw that and felt that he’d have thrown a flag.” - QB Brett Favre

(on Brett Favre) “I thought it was a gutty, gutty performance. I thought that he grinded it out. He found a bunch of different receivers….I just thought that he did a nice job of competing. He would be the first to tell you that he wishes he had a couple of those (throws) back.” - Coach Brad Childress

(on what made the difference in the game) “You can spread it all the way around. It’s hard to win games when you turn the ball over like that, particularly around the five yard line and the seven yard line when you think you’re going to have a chance for a minimum of three points.” - Coach Brad Childress

“We kept battling back, even when we were down because we know what kind of offense we have. This season was a success. It’s not the success we all wanted. But I have to tell you, this loss hurts; especially when we knew we should have won. It’s hard to put the feeling I have right now into words. I felt we beat ourselves more than they (Saints) beat us. - WR Bernard Berrian

“Hey, we all fought out there. We played as a team and we left it all on the field. Because of a lot of things that happened, we are not going to the Super Bowl. The Saints are a great team. They played well and we played well. But they came up with the final play to win and take it from us.” - TE Visanthe Shiancoe

As you can imagine there was a lot of hooting and hollering in the Spence Ohana household yesterday evening. We were disappointed by our teams mistakes and the officiating. Had those 2 aspects of the game been different we believe the Vikes would be heading to Miami and not the Saints. O'well, can't change what's done. :(

*Just read this article and couldn't agree more...
The Saints lucked out on several replay reviews that went their way (one fourth-down spot that looked as if it was marked wrong, one key pass reception that looked as if it should have been ruled incomplete — neither overturned).

The non-reversal of that spot on the fourth-and-inches run.

Should’ve reversed that. Pierre Thomas looked like he made it on his leap, but lost the ball in the air and by the time he regained control, the ball was behind the line to gain.

Wasn’t reversed. VERY fortunate for the Saints.

And the Saints absolutely lucked out when the Vikings’ long marches through the New Orleans defense were constantly interrupted by Minnesota’s self-destructive miscues.

Yes, the Saints, who won 31-28, get credit for causing the five Minnesota turnovers and for taking full advantage.

Yes, the Vikings can’t be credited for a good performance when they were so sloppy and so careless.

But the Vikings outgained New Orleans 475 yards to 257 and completely shut down the Saints and Drew Brees for most of the second half.

The only exceptions: When Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin were handing the ball directly to the Saints.

This is an easy call, because I think Minnesota is better than the Saints and proved it at the Superdome, except on the scoreboard.

Minnesota would have won this game if not for Favre’s terrible late interception when the Vikings were driving for a field goal to win it in regulation.

Minnesota would have won this game if Peterson didn’t get a bad case of the dropsies (two fumbles, one lost) or the Vikings had won the overtime coin flip, or the referee had correctly overturned one of those calls.

by Tim Kawakami

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