Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year = haircuts & exercise?

Happy New Year Y'all! Hope y'all had fun ringing in the New Year. Stephen spent it at the airport working. And the kids and I spent it at home with a mellow night - I gave the kids haircuts and a bubble bath. Then after I put them to bed I popped in my Redbox movie Julie & Julia. But I fell asleep on the couch at 11:50pm! I woke at 12:10am - missed the countdown at midnight! O'well. Good news, my mom was released from the hospital on New Year's Day. She's getting better as each day passes and resting a whole lot better at home.

James and Madeline on New Year's Day. I used Stephen's new Christmas clippers to give James a haircut. All looks good except I messed up around his ears. Oops! For Madeline I cut about 3" off, she wanted her hair shorter again like she had it last summer.

James wearing his hand me down hat from cousin Alex.

I think this hair length suits Madeline. :)

So anyone make a New Year's resolution to exercise better? I know I did, still procrastinating. But James and Penny Lane are getting their exercise in! For the first time yesterday we took Penny to the Norwood Estate Dog Park near downtown Austin. She LOVED it! Never seen her run so hard and for so long. She had slobber dripping from her lips! James had a ball too chasing all the dogs in the park.

There was definitely dogs in all shapes and sizes there including this humongous Great Dane. It's bark was so deep!

But it's size didn't intimidate Penny, she had fun running around with it and playing with this pack of dogs.

Beyond those trees you can see the river and the downtown Austin skyline. Madeline loved petting all the doggies.

Yes, that's Penny chasing after a Doberman.

All the dogs were going crazy after these tree jumping squirrels. We had a great time at the Dog Park. Definitely will be going back again so Penny and the kids can burn off some energy.

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