Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year in Review

Mickie just did a blogpost with 12 photos and short blurbs of their family's 2009 year in review, so I decided to steal her idea and do it too! Boy it was difficult choosing just one photo for each month. Here's our recap...January
On the very first day of this year we experienced a solemn New Year's Day when we received news that my mom's Tante Pop had passed away peacefully at her home in Las Vegas at the age of 101... Mid January we decided to get our first family dog and adopted this adorable 7 week old Boxer/Basset Hound puppy... The month ended sadly with my Oma passing.
Our family flew out to California to attend my Oma's funeral. It was nice to be around family and friends... After, back in Texas we were busy house training our puppy... Some of my childhood friends happened to be in town so I was able to catch up with them.

We attended for the first time the Austin Zilker Kite Festival, kids loved it and the crowd loved our cute puppy... Stephen's brother Mike and my parents came out to visit, we all went to our first Rodeo here in Austin... Family from Houston came out to visit so we could celebrate my 31st birthday along with Oom Folly and Oom George's birthdays.

We went to our city's Easter festival and Madeline met Miss Teen Kyle... We sold James' crib and transitioned James into his new big boy bed - he did great!.. We had a blessed Easter with our friends from next door... We went to the Wiener Dog Races in Buda... Enjoyed the beautiful spring weather & dined lakeside at the Crab shack - a new favorite spot.

We got a new dresser to go with James' new bed... Summer heat came early so the kids started playing outside in the water, we visited new Swimming Holes in and around Austin... Madeline used some craft scissors on herself - so I had to give her a short haircut... Our Godson, Elias, had his First Holy Communion... Stephen and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary cruising in a convertible mustang and dining at the famous Alamo Drafthouse movie theater... Another childhood friend was in town... My mom came to watch her granddaughter perform in her Dance Recital.

Penny Lane had a hernia repair surgery for complications she had with her neuter recovery... My brother, David and his family came to visit for our cousins reunion with 2 of our cousins families from Houston and Hawaii... The reunion was jam packed with fun on the river (notice Stephen & David chillin' with no kid duty!), fun on a steam train, fun eating lots of yummy BBQ, fun swimming at a beautiful swimming hole, great memories... We started looking at homes to buy in our area.

Taking advantage of our free Hertz car and gas we packed up the kids and Penny and headed down to the Texas coast for Independence Day!.. Port Aransas was a beautiful beach town, we'll be going back there again... We found OUR house and started escrow!.. Let the packing begin.

With the help of my parents and relatives from Houston & Hawaii, who all came out to Austin - we closed on our beautiful new home and moved in!.. We got a Home Depot charge card, and our new home was dressed with new paint, ceiling fans and among other stuff... I left Stephen and the kids and flew out to CA to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend... While out in CA with Mark & Laura we threw a surprise party for Mom and Dad Spence to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday and their 40th wedding anniversary... Our baby girl, Madeline, started Kindergarten (above pictured on her first day of school in front of our new house)!

Still unpacking and decorating... Stephen and I took a trip out to Boston for a long weekend without the kids (thanks to my parents coming out to stay with them)... We loved exploring Boston's historical sites and catching our first game at Fenway Park... Our city had it celebration and blessing of a brand new hospital... Stephen celebrated his 32nd birthday... Madeline lost her first tooth... James turned 3!

Enjoying the beautiful Fall season... The kids and I took a 1 night trip out to Houston to attend Oom George & Tante Xenia's 50th wedding anniversary... I cut my hair real short... The kids and I went to the Elgin farm with our friends, the Wrights, where the kids painted pumpkins and went on a hayride (pictured above)... The kids had fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood as Snow White and a Pirate.

Still unpacking and decorating... We purchased our first 46" LCD HDTV... Madeline received an excellent first report card... Mom and Dad come to visit!.. Madeline & James loved having Nana & Poppi here, we went to the San Antonio Zoo, the Riverwalk and did lots of fun stuff... Stephen's brother, Mike, came to visit again while Mom & Dad were here... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with them.

Stephen and Mike went to AZ for the Viking game... My mom came out for a weekend to help with an early birthday party for Madeline & her friends... I chaperoned Madeline's kindergarten class on a field trip to the state history museum and 3D IMAX theater... Our first Christmas in our new home - which was decorated with new LED lights!.. A quiet Christmas at home with a celebration dinner with wonderful friends... It was an awesome year!


Suzi said...

Great post! I need to borrow the idea. I love the new layout too! Have a great New Year!

Mickie and Matt said...

See way hard huh, ONE picture! I was going through and it was SO tough. You did a great job, funny I feel like we hang out all the time because of these blogs. I was reading through thinking "Oh yeah! The time all the cousins came into town so much fun! Or yep I remember when you picked out the new house, so gorgeous" Great Post, here's to 2010! Were trying to find a good time in the summer to come so we can go floating on the river with y'all :)