Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I wish...I pray

I wish I could just take in those sad orphaned Haitian children that lost everything from last weeks earthquake. I wish I could nurse them back to health and feeling secure. Another aftershock hits Haiti this morning. I can imagine how terrified and lost these people must feel. I don't know how my wishes could possibly come true being so far away, so instead I pray. Pray that through these devastation's the Haitians know Christ. And that He will not forsake them no matter how bad it gets.

In an article on CNN about the aftershock this morning in Haiti:
"Patients at a hospital near Haiti's airport in Port-au-Prince immediately started praying as the ground shook like a ship rocking back and forth.
They asked for forgiveness and protection, a nurse said."

I thought to myself if I were in the same situation or one just as grim, I would be asking God the same. Not because of fear of where I will be spending eternity but because it is what I ask Him for all the time, because I am a sinner and need Christ as my savior. And because I know my God to be a merciful one.

Lord hear our prayers.

We are praying for hope despite this situation, that even as we face darkness, people may see a pinpoint of light. - Father Jean Jadotte of Miami's Notre Dame D'Haiti parish

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Mickie and Matt said...

I have thought the same thing... if only I could get these kids here some how so I could take care of them all. Our prayers are with those in Haiti. The aftershock was horrifying to hear of this morning... extra prsyers are going there this morning from us.