Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas Tree

It has been cold and rainy the past 2 days. Stephen and Mike still haven't been able to put up the lights on the house but they did go get our Christmas tree this evening! The kids were so excited and impatiently waiting to decorate it as we put the lights on it first.

Madeline strategically placing her ornaments.

James' first year where he is real into helping decorate.

Every time I asked him to smile he gave me "scary James" ha ha.

Smiley Madeline and Scary James trimming the tree.

Scary James and Silly Madeline - what pills.

What a beautiful tree if I do say so myself. :)

1 comment:

Mickie and Matt said...

Very Pretty! I love it. Matt and I are getting ours this weekend too!

We are thinking of hanging the family pictures, what are the prices for printing on Canvas? I LOVE the pictures you printed of Madeline and James.