Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lots to Celebrate!

Our Penny Lane celebrates her 1st birthday today!!! One year ago today Penny was born on a Texan farm, and 7 weeks later we picked her up and brought her home with us.

Oma and Opa bought her this cozy new pet bed from Costco yesterday for her birthday. It's perfect cause now we can keep her older one upstairs in our bedroom where she sleeps at night.

Thought I'd share a before and after pic of Penny sleeping at 7 weeks old and at 1 year old.

Today we also had an early birthday celebration for Madeline who is turning 6! Madeline's birthday is 2 days before Christmas - with many people busy during the holidays and the kids on school break I planned her party early - well out of the 11 girls from Madeline's class only 1 showed up, thankfully our friends (and old neighbors) Jimmena & Mia and Chandra & Kayla came along with our new friends (and next door neighbor) Kristen & Cheyenne. And special guest, Oma, flew all the way from CA. So despite the small amount of attendees...Madeline still had a fun party! Above is a pic of all the girls working on their craft tiaras.

I also made homemade koolaid flavor play dough for the girls. It was super easy to make, I'll have to post the recipe.

Sweet and precious baby Cheyenne eating her snacks and watching the girls make their tiaras and play with the play dough.

Miss Kayla kneading the glitter into her grape play dough.

Logan (Madeline's classmate) using a cookie cutter on her fruit punch play dough.

So after all the crafts the kids wanted to burn off some energy on the trampoline even though it was freezing outside - luckily the sun was shining.

Chandra, Jimmena, Kristen and Cheyenne helping me clean off the table.

Cake time! The birthday girl.

Kayla, James, Madeline, Logan and Mia s wearing their beautifully decorated tiaras (James did a visor). :)

James helping his sissy blow out her candle.

Gift time!

Madeline had a wonderful birthday party and enjoyed her friends!

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