Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Janet Jackson has been one of my favorite music artist since I got her album Control on a record (boy that's making me sound old) in the 80's. I've loved many of her songs, and admired her legendary dance moves. She's such a fantastic entertainer, but who would expect less with the family she comes from. Through the years she's shown some faults and had some down moments, but I don't think that could ever take away from the fact that she's a Music Icon! Stephen took me to one of her concerts a few years back at the Los Angeles Staple Center - it's amazing how much dance she involves in her shows and that she sings while doing all that dancing.
I heard the buzz on Facebook about some group of people that posted a video on You Tube asking fans to join them in a public dance at the Grove in L.A. Seriously, you have to watch this video - so cool how many fans came out for it. And even cooler, Miss Janet showed up for the second performance to watch and support her fans. Her Number Ones album comes out tomorrow. What's your all time favorite Janet song???
Mine is still "Love Will Never Do (Without You)".

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Suzi said...

I LOVE the new look - your family "logo" is awesome! I need to get myself one of those!