Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Crest

*Click on photo to enlarge and read Madeline's writings and see her drawings.
For class homework Madeline had an assignment to make a family crest. She had a lot of fun creating hers. I think knowing about your family history, heritage, ethnicity and background is so important.

"How will our children know who they are if they do not know where they came from."
Author: unknown
"But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations." Job 8:10

In the top left square Madeline was to draw the flags of the countries which make up her ethnicity. So I had her do 2 from my side and 2 from Stephen's. For my side she drew the Dutch flag from the Netherlands and the Indonesian flag from Indonesia. Both of my parents are 1/2 Dutch 1/2 Indo, which makes me 1/2 Dutch 1/2 Indo too, and Madeline 1/4 Dutch 1/4 Indo. I know Stephen's side comes from a mixture of many European ethnicity's but the 2 I had Madeline put on her crest was the French flag from France, and the English flag from England. Mom Spence has a trunk full of priceless old photo albums and journals from their ancestors who came here to the States. It will be great for our children to see those to see where our family came from.

In the top right square Madeline was asked to draw an activity our family does together. The first thought that came to Madeline's mind, "our family goes to church together!".

On the bottom right square she was asked to draw an animal that represents our family, so she drew Penny Lane. :)

And on the bottom left square she was asked to draw a food that represents one of her ethnicity's. At first she thought to draw rice (I make Indonesian fried rice, and we like to eat a lot of rice). But then she thought that would be too hard to draw. So she decided to draw a corn on the cob - which is perfect since Stephen's parents are both from Iowa, where Brittany Poss once described for us, "Iowa: where the corn grows faster than the population!". :)

I think Madeline did a fantastic job! Her family crest will be put together with the other student's family crests to create a family crest quilt for their classroom.

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steve said...

Madeline did a wonderful job on her picture. Congrats on bringing the family together in your home. On my dad's side is German and my mother's side Irish. I've traced my roots back before Christ. We are related to Davy Crockett's sister, Caesar Augustus and Marcus Arralius Maximus who played the hero in the movie "The Gladiator". I hope this helps in tracing her roots. Uncle Steve