Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swim Lessons Completed!

Today was the last day of Madeline's 2 week swim lessons. Madeline has slowly progressed but she is still not comfortable going under water and getting her face wet. Still battling that phobia. Madeline's friend, Mia, did great and is a natural fish under water! Above is their entire class with Miss Michelle before they all received their certificate of completion.

Madeline with her goggles, doing anything to prevent getting water in her eyes!

Giving me a "thumbs up" after she just practiced putting her face in the water with the instructor.

Swimming with Miss Michelle, can you see how HARD she's trying to keep her head above water? :-)

Madeline and Mia, always enjoy playing on the steps!

You can see in the above video how scared and hesitant she is about getting her face wet. The teachers were really patient with her though. Since it was the last day, they got to go down the water slides! Madeline got herself so terrified, while standing in line she needed to go to the restroom. So I took her and when we got back there wasn't enough time for her to go down the slide, I think she was okay with that though. ;-) So lots of practicing we'll be doing this summer to getting her more comfortable in the water (or under the water I should say). Maybe we'll do another session of the level 1 swim or private lessons.

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Windy said...

Good for Maddy . At least she's not afraid to give it a try. i know Hannah will be the same way as going to the pool right now is a hard feat and i don't even want her to go under water.