Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick X Slide

While I was taking calls for West today Stephen took the kids to the store and bought this cool water slide! Wish it was big enough for us adults to slide down! LOL

Madeline was scared at first to get her face wet. But she finally went down it. :-)

James (I now refer to as Dennis the Menace) loved his new slide!

Back for another turn.

Our beautiful daughter getting her nice summer tan.

James laughing every time Madeline kicks the hose water (see in video below)

My new FAVORITE photo at the moment. I love them.

Serious face, cold, wet and full of grass.

Afterwards we brought the slide inside and put it in the big front room, so the kids can still play on it!


Chris & Tatiana said...

Hey! Yeah we moved back to AZ almsot a year ago. We missed it too much. It's sad to be away from my family but we love it out here. I see you guys moved to Kyle. How do you like it there?? !! James has gotten big since we last saw him. You have beautiful kids. Keep in touch!

Windy said...

LOVE the pic of Steve and Maddy - it would be too cute in B &W.