Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iron Rock Raceway put on by Hertz

Today Hertz thanked all the employees for a great 1st quarter and treated them to race cars/karts at Iron Rock Raceway. This race track is right next to the airport's runways in Austin. So the kids and I tagged along to watch and cheer! It was nice meeting a lot of people from Stephen's work and putting a face to a name. They were all very nice. Stephen's boss, Rob, even asked me twice if I wanted to race. I declined. Had the kids not been there, and if I was wearing the proper attire I would've probably gave it a spin. I guess these karts are capable of going up to 50mph! Anyhow I took lots of pics so I put them on a slide show, check them out!

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Windy said...

How fun! Great job Steve! I have always wanted to go with Ry to the raceway out here.