Saturday, June 14, 2008

Canyon Lake - Comal Park

On Friday we went with our friends, the Wright Family, to Canyon Lake. It's about 45-60 minutes SW from our house near New Braunfels. I've been wanting to go to this lake, Uncle Steve recommended going there, and it's also the lake that forms the famous Guadalupe river that everyone goes tubing on.

It's a huge Lake with many different parks, we headed to Comal Park which is on the SE part of the lake and closest to us. It's was great because they had a swim area beach that had a grassy picnic area and a playground. When we drove up the water looked so beautiful, not the normal dark green most lakes I've seen including Lake Travis in Austin, but more of a turquoise blue/green. It was really pretty. Of course my photos don't do the water color justice.

James had a fabulous time, he loved it there. The swim area was nice, calm and enclosed. It was also fairly shallow. James just sat and played in the water. Picking up and tasting, then throwing all sizes of rocks he could find.

Stephen, Ben and Bill played catch with the football out beyond the swim area. And here you see Madeline swimming by, she really enjoyed herself too.

Here are the girls taking a break and eating some chips. The water temperature was fantastic - not too cold and not to warm.

Here are Abraham and Gabriel eating their lunchables on the beach area.

James working on his nice summer tan. :-)

Another picture of Madeline and Mia, notice James off in the distance. He played like that the entire time!

Here are all the boys, Stephen, Ben, Bill, Abraham and Gabriel. Fun times!

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Windy said...

How fun! i wish we had some more clean lakes around here to swim in within close driving distance.