Monday, June 23, 2008

Getty Images

I found out about this website, Getty Images, while back in college in my graphic design program. It's an awesome digital stock photo site where you can get Royalty-free photos to use! Just wanted to share this site with y'all. With it I will share photos - courtesy of Getty Images - some of "my favorite summertime things"...

The plumerias bloom! (aka Frangipani) My parents have a huge plumeria tree in their front yard and I love sticking them in my and Madeline's hair. Wonder how a plumeria plant would do in Texas?

Well I was searching for a "pineapple" photo and this one caught my eye, I love "frutti girly drinks" as my husband calls them...

Watermelon, doesn't this photo make you want some right now! Love watermelon in the summertime!

I love to snorkel!!! Could spend hours doing it. Last time we did was on our honeymoon in Fiji 6 years ago. We were in Hawaii in 2006 but I was pregnant, so I didn't snorkel.

Love to EAT in the summer. Seems like I'm making homemade salsa at least 2 times a week!

I've also been buying avocados (the small ones, the large ones are SO expensive) and making homemade Guacamole...YUM!

Last but not least, I love spending time with my Ohana in the summer. Going to new places, spending time together as an Ohana!


steve said...

I love the plumerias. I'm sure they would do well there in Texas everything else does. Love your pictures.

Windy said...

I love spending time time with my Ohana as well - and salsa & guac - can't beat it! Thanks for the tip