Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 3...

Today was the 2nd time we hit up Mario's. We had lunch there with Stephen's parents and ate WAY too much. Afterwards we went to the duck park near there home and fed the ducks. I totally forgot to take photos as I was too busy chasing James down making sure he didn't jump in the pond!

In the afternoon we headed to South Orange County, picked up the Fanoga's and went to Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. James really enjoyed feeling the sand between his toys and playing in it.

The girls, Madeline and Delaney had fun jumping in the waves with their Daddy's!

The boys, Isaac and James eating some cheese puffs.

The girls again soaking up some sun!

Afterwards we headed to their home in Aliso Niguel and bbq'd some chicken and steak and had a yummy dinner. It was a fun filled day!

Tomorrow...VIVA LAS VEGAS!


Windy said...

Holy cow! You guys are going for a QUICK trip to Vegas. Bring some "bootie" shorts - I hear its like 115 there right now.

Holland Elli said...

Looks like a wonderful time! That is great you were able to get seats on the plane, but no fair Stephen got first class!!! Have a great time in Vegas!!! Try to stay indoors as much as possible, so you don't melt away- but gotta ride the rides!! :)