Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 2...

Today my parents hosted a summertime gathering at their home. A few old friends and some of my Dad's old carpool work buddies came over. We spent most of the gathering outside enjoying my Dad's completed BBQ/Bar area and we set up the kiddie pool for Madeline, James and Alexander.

Ate some yummy Indonesian food catered by Susie's. And Dad bbq'd some sate ayam!

After dinner we celebrated my Mom's birthday (a week late). As you can see the kids were excited about the ice cream cake!

My mom, Madeline and I. 3 generations. :-)

After the party ended, the kids stayed up late and we spent some family time out on the bar!

Oom Tason and Madeline being silly...

Even more silly! :-)

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Windy said...

How fun! That bar area looks like a blast!