Saturday, May 17, 2008

Barton Springs Pool

On Stephen's days off we try to get out and venture off to new places. We are certainly fortunate that Hertz pays for our car and gas, so driving somewhere is no worry. Still though we love finding new inexpensive stuff to do with the kids. The other week it was San Marcos River, this week we went to Barton Springs Pool in South Austin!

Barton Springs is a 3 acres in size pool fed from underground springs and on average is about 68 degrees year round. Stephen and Madeline jumped right in, James and I were a bit more hesitant.

James was quite content sitting on the steps with me and watching Daddy and Sissy.

And he found it more fun to play on the stairs rather than in the pool! He paid for it later though with a nasty scrape on his shin. Boys.

We had Madeline wear her life vest as we weren't sure how deep the pool would be. This was the first time however she felt comfortable enough of not holding on to us and swimming on her own! Such a big girl. She takes swim lessons starting the 1st week of June.

I managed to get myself in waist deep, it was still a bit too chilly for James though.

"Hi Daddy!"

Oh and Stephen wanted to make sure that I include a pic of him sporting his black speedos! (bottom right) LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Yoram's comment on the picture of you and James in the pool; Yoojam!!! en mama!!! Too funny...

Windy said...

what a blast! Melissa - you look so good in your swimsuit!