Monday, May 5, 2008

ABC of Me

A lot of my Blogger friends have been doing there top 25 or top 7 lists of interesting things about them. But I just have a hard time coming up with these random facts. So I did a fun survey, hope you enjoy it! Oh and I also saw this on a fellow blogger's site, I'm asking my blog readers (that's YOU!) to ask me a QUESTION about anything and leave it in my comment section. Later in another post I will answer all the questions for you!

ABC of Me

The Letter A

Are you available?:

Nope, will have been married for 6 years this month!

What is your age?:


What annoys you?:


The Letter B

Do you live in a big house?:

Some may consider it big. 4 Bed 2 Bath 2001s.f.

When is your birthday?:

First day of Spring!

Who is your best friend?:

Stephen and Robyn.

The Letter C

What's your favorite candy?:

Snickers bar.

Who's your crush?:

Don't have one.

When was the last time you cried?:

Last week sometime.

The Letter D

Do you daydream?:

Yes, often.

What's your favorite kind of dog?:

Boxer! We'd love to get a puppy for the kids.

What day of the week is it?:


The Letter E

How do you like your eggs?:

Hard boiled or over-medium.

Have you ever been in the emergency room?:

Yes, took Stephen there in 2006 for slicing his thumb open.

What's the easiest thing ever to do?:

Be thoughtful.

The Letter F

Have you ever flown in a plane?:

I come from an air-traveling family!

Do you use fly swatters?:

Yes, but currently I cannot find mine.

Have you ever used a foghorn?:


The Letter G

Do you chew gum?:


Are you a giver or a taker?:

I love to give and also enjoy receiving.

Do you like gummy candies?:

Gummy worms.

The Letter H

How are you?:

Pretty good.

What color is your hair?:

Dark Brown.

The Letter I

What's your favorite ice cream?:

I love coffee flavored.

Have you ever ice skated?:

Yup, took lessons when I was younger.

Do you play an instrument?:

Used to play the piano.

The Letter J

What's your favorite jelly bean brand?:

Don't have one.

Do you wear jewelry?:

Yes, when I remember to put some on.

The Letter K

Who do you want to kill?:

What a terrible question, noboby of course.

Do you want kids?:

Already have 2, unsure if we're done.

Where did you go for kindergarten?:

Plavan Elementary, Mrs. Kelly's class.

The Letter L

Are you laid back?:

I would say so.

Do you lie?:

Yes, I think everyone has. But I certainly try not to.

The Letter M

Whats your favorite movie?:

Don't have a particular. I love Finding Nemo and Here on Earth.

Do you still watch Disney movies?:

Yes, all the time.

Do you like mangos?:


The Letter N

Do you have a nickname?:


What is your real name?:


Whats your favorite number?:


Do you prefer night over day?:

Yes, it's when I relax from my day job! ;-)

The Letter O

What's your one wish?:

Just one, that my family is always healthy and blessed.

Are you an only child?:

Nope, I have 2 older brothers.

The Letter P

What one fear are you most paranoid about?:

Not really paranoid about anything, I fear anyone in my family ever being hurt.

What are your pet peeves?:

Stephen leaving laundry on the floor and cupboard doors open.

What's a personality trait you look for in people?:

Sense of humor.

The Letter Q

What's your favorite quote?:

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is being a mother."

Are you quick to judge people?:

Not at all.

The Letter R

Do you think you're always right?:


Are you one to cry?:

On occassion.

The Letter S

Do you prefer sun or rain?:

Definitely sun.

Do you like snow?:

For about 30 minutes.

What's your favorite season?:


The Letter T

What time is it?:


What time did you wake up?:

6:55am, James woke me up.

When was the last time you slept in a tent?:

Summer of 2005 in Oregon.

The Letter U

Are you wearing underwear?:

Uh ya.

Underwear or boxers?:

Do girls wear boxers?

The Letter V

What's the worst veggie?:


Where do you want to go on vacation?:

Love to go to Italy.

The Letter W

What's your worst habit?:

I'm somtimes on the computer too much.

Where do you live?:

Central TX.

What's your worst fear?:

Not living to see my children grow up.

The Letter X

Have you ever had an x-ray?:

Dental x-rays.

Have you seen the x-games?:

On TV.

Do you own a xylophone?:


The Letter Y

Do you like the color yellow?:

Yes, in fact I wear it a lot.

What's one thing you yearn for?:

Right now, stroopwafels (Dutch cookies).

The Letter Z

Whats your zodiac sign?:


Do you believe in the zodiac?:


Favorite zoo animal?:

Tough one, lots to choose from...monkeys.

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