Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anniversary Gift

For my parents 40th anniversary my brothers, sister in-law, Stephen and I all pitched in to send them to a Brad Paisley concert! Our parents really enjoy country music. Actually when I first started looking for a concert to send them to I was looking into Michael Bublé's concert since Stephen and I enjoyed it so much and I know my parents like his singing too. But it was all sold out. I also looked into Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn but they weren't touring near OC or here in Austin in the next month. So hopefully they will enjoy the sounds from Brad Paisley at Irvine Meadows and have a nice dinner at the Spectrum!

My mom's sister had the same gift idea...she was able to get them tickets to Alan Jackson's concert in July at the OC Fair. That will be such a treat for them. I love Alan Jackson too, my Dad and I did our "Father/Daughter dance" at my wedding to his song, "Livin' On Love".

They should have a fun filled, concert-going summer! :-)

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Windy said...

What a great gift! I love the OC fair concerts. We are going to see Matchbox 20 on my b-day this year. SOO excited! They should have a great time at both.