Sunday, April 27, 2008

40 Years!

This weekend on April 27th my parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary (applause!!!).

My brothers, Tason and David, and my sister in-law, Armilyn, and Stephen and I have a special gift to give them in honor of their anniversary. I'll post about it on the blog next week since they haven't received it yet.

Below I put together a slideshow of wedding photos, and photos through the years of my parents.

At the request of Stephen & Melissa Spence this intention will be remembered in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament by the Friars of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word.
Celebration of 40 years of Marriage
Dear Dad and Mom, What an awesome example you both have shown on your commitment in the Sacrament of Marriage. You truly inspire us. We pray for you daily. And our blessed by God to have you as our parents. May you celebrate many more anniversaries filled with love, happiness and fullness! Our Love, Stephen, Melissa, Madeline & James


Mom and Dad said...

Hi guys

Thank you for the nice posting of our 40th anniversary and not to forget the nice prayer! It's so thoughtful of you all (I'm starting to talk like a Texan!). David and Armilyn gave us a nice brunch at their place which was delicious, and Jack and Leen were there too.
Take care

Mom and Dad

Windy said...

How cute that pic is of them in the car! Congrats to them on making it this many years happily married!