Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kid's 1st Dentist Visit - Oma's in town!

Yesterday both Madeline and James had their first trip to the dentist! :-) I found a great family dentist group, a husband and wife, the wife being a pediatric dentist. Madeline had x-rays, she was very brave...got a little intimidated when they brought the machine close to her face to take the x-ray but she did good. Madeline had her teeth cleaned, a flouride treatment and her teeth polished. She got a little overwhelmed and scared, clinged to her blanket (aka Homey). But after it was done she sat up and said, "That tickled (about getting her teeth polished) and it wasn't so bad." Her x-rays showed no cavities, and that her front tooth had no damage from when she hit it last August. We were even able to see her adult teeth right behind her baby ones! I held James on my lap while Dr. Traci cleaned his teeth and gave him a flouride treatment. He fussed, but she was super quick. The kids go back in 6 months.

My mom is in town! Last night we went to Culvers and had a yummy dinner and ice cream for dessert. As you can see, Madeline is enjoying spending time with her Oma!


Anonymous said...

Good News on the kids and the dentist. Yay.

Madeline looks like she's have Great fun with Oma, YAY.

Windy said...

What! The dentist here said they will absolutely not see Hannah until she's three. They said "well, we can't fill a cavity even if she has one". They can still clean her though. Just another reason to move out of Cali. Have fun with Oma!