Sunday, February 10, 2008

I gave Madeline a haircut!

Madeline's hair has gotten long, stringy and left with no body. So I've been debating on taking her to the barber shop. I thought to myself I watched Tante Leen all those years give haircuts, that I could do this myself! (I think you'll be proud of me Tante Leen ;-) And save us $10! Stephen had a razor and barber kit, so I had proper scissors to use.

Here is her hair before...

During the haircut...

And after! I think I trimmed off about 1.5-2 inches. It looks so much healthier now, and her body has come back.

Looking in the mirror. :-)

"I Love It!" Aaaahhh!

It's so hard to get a sweet smile out of this girl, lately she's into making funny faces!

"Okay mom, enough photos - I'm busy eating my popsicle!"

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andria said...

Good job on the haircut, Madeline looks as cute as ever! Mark always does the boys haircuts, saves us some money. If we have a girl someday I will most likely be doing her haircuts, I might need some tips!